Saolta Presentation by Development Perspectives

Development Perspectives (DP) hosted our Saolta showcase on November 10th in the Dunamaise Arts Centre in Portlaoise. This event was a showcase of the activities in 2023 of our flagship Saolta programme including the culmination of our SDG Advocate training journey that began in March.

As part of the project, EU and Special Projects Coordinator from DP, Paul Crewe, was on hand to share information about the UxST project and all other EU opportunities that the organisation has. In particular, Paul used this opportunity to engage with attendees about the upcoming policy proposal contest and the videos that will appear on our project YouTube channel. There was a space for one-hour before the project for attendees to engage with the work of DP and other members of the Saolta project consortium. This provided a space to discuss these opportunities with attendees that could be of benefit to the young people that they work with.