Social Transformation in San Venanzo through the UxST project

On Thursday 2 November 2023, the Italian partners of this project met two youngsters who took part in the Online Training Course and in the Training Course in Malaga, from 10th to 15th September. They also met other volunteers and professionals from the Travelogue APS association and UdU Perugia.

In this meeting, participants had the opportunity to discuss and evaluate together the results of the educational activities carried out and to plan future activities together.

In the next months, the youngsters and the associations will be involved in the creation of videos on four topics (self-knowledge and emotional intelligence; life project: training, employment and entrepreneurship; healthy living and environment; active participation) and for the diffusion of the contest aimed at young people, for the collection of participatory proposals for a more active, inclusive and sustainable Europe.

The Contest will be launched at the end of 2023 and the team with the selected proposal will have the opportunity to visit EU institutions in Brussels, together with the representatives of the Municipality of San Venanzo.