Current state of Covid-19 impact on youth

As WP2: CURRENT STATE OF COVID-19 IMPACT ON YOUTH is coming to an end, we want to remind you
what was the goal of it:

  • To analyze the effects of Covid-19 on young people’s relationships, life projects, healthy living, and
    active participation.
  •  To exchange ideas, experiences, and good practices to understand the current situation of youth in
  • To propose improvements based on the challenges and opportunities that arise from Covid-19,
    supporting young individuals in navigating these times.

Stay tuned for the upcoming results! We are excited to share the findings of our analysis and research.

Keep an eye out for updates as we unveil valuable insights and recommendations that will contribute to understanding and addressing the impact of Covid-19 on young people. Together, let’s stay informed and work towards empowering youth and creating positive change.