Impact of Covid-19 on Young People: Key Findings from UxST Project’s Survey

The analysis of UxST Project’s survey data revealed the significant impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on young people’s lives. The survey focused on four key areas: intra and interpersonal relationships, life projects, healthy living and environment, and active participation. Findings indicate that the pandemic has resulted in increased feelings of isolation and mental strain, affecting relationships. It has also caused delays and disruptions in educational and career goals. Young individuals have faced challenges in maintaining physical and mental well-being, with limited access to outdoor activities and increased stress levels. Additionally, there are growing concerns about sustainable living and the environment. The survey highlights the need for more opportunities for active participation in democratic life and community engagement. These findings underscore the importance of addressing the specific learning needs of young people in these areas and supporting their development and resilience in the post-pandemic world.