Empowering Youth in September: Highlights from the United for Social Transformation Training Course in Malaga

In the heart of September, the United for Social Transformation Training Course unfolded, offering a concise yet impactful six-day journey to enhance the digital competence of young participants. Here’s a brief glimpse into the objectives:

  • Warm welcome, participant introductions, and an overview of the exciting program.
  • Introduction to YouTube video creation, focusing on improving digital competence.
  • Participants develop content plans for effective engagement on digital platforms.
  • Collaborative discussions in working groups and a public presentation of the project at INCIDE.
  • Fine-tuning video-making expertise through practical exercises and sessions.
  • Evaluation of competences, insights into European programs, and a spirited farewell party.

This September initiative not only equipped youth with essential digital skills but also empowered them to actively contribute to society through meaningful digital content creation.