In “Agosto Culturale Sanvenanzese” — meeting with stakeholders

On Sunday 27 August 2023, by the Public Gardens of Villa Faina, in San Venanzo (TR), the meeting took place in the last night of the festival “Agosto Culturale Sanvenanzese” a 4‑day cultural event where different kinds of arts are performed. The Festival was organised by the Municipaity of San Venanzo and by local Associations, in particular Pro Loco and Unitre, which cooperated also in logistics and in the operational part of the event. The meeting took place before the concert: an audience of about 80 people was already there. Among them there was the Municipality Councellors Roberta Giuliani and Stefano Posti, the Mayor Marsilio Marinelli, representatives of the local associacions like Unitre and Pro Loco and other association from Marsciano such as Unitre Marsciano, Travelogue APS and many citizens interested in the event. Also teachers and a high number of youth were present. During the meeting the Erasmus+ project “UxST — United for Social Transformation” was presented again with its planned activities and the opportunities offered to young people. Particularly among young people there was interest in the possibility of going to Malaga to participate in the training on the project topics in September and to participate in the Contest which will take place later, with the opportunity, for the winners to visit EU institutions in Brussels together with the representatives of the Municipality.