Online Training Course: Face-to-face Evaluation — Ireland

On Sunday 2nd July Mel and Paul facilitated an in-person reflection and evaluation session for the United for Social Transformation Online Training Course (OTC).

We met at the DP office situated on the banks of the Boyne River in Co. Louth.

We use our time to problem solve challenges we are facing in different projects. Our goal was to help us become more effective and active citizens.

This appreciative inquiry included each participant posing a problem they are facing in their active citizenship and receiving questions from the other participants to help them view the situation from different perspectives.

We also took time to reflect on the learning from the OTC. While participants found great value in the content that was offered there was consensus that it was hard to dedicate time and energy to the programme during the summertime.

We are excited for the next pieces if the project which will commence in early Autumn.