Online Training Course: Face-to-face Evaluation — Portugal

In this activity we were able to summarize the contents of the OTC, to make a small evaluation on the learning acquired from each of the modules. Listen to the opinion of each one on each theme, through a small debate and sharing of opinion and point of view. It was interesting to see the impact and curiosity that some topics cause in some participants and the desire to know more. At the end the question was asked if these contents would serve their future projects and what post plans they had in mind as well as the interest in participating in the training in Malaga.

In short, it was very positive and gratifying to see the group’s enthusiasm, even though it was small, they were very focused and engaged to the program and to bring more impact and knowledge in the organizations and project they are working with and if we believe that they will take the project to their organizations and if they will disseminate the results and the impact it has on their lives.

We believe that we have awakened in the participants a sense of entrepreneurship and leadership as well as awareness of issues such as the environment and sustainability. The fact of getting out of their comfort zone and being confronted with questions from other people who part of their friendship group, colleagues or family do not normally make a difference.

We have certainly ended this stage with a more aware group who are eager to learn and have something to say for their own future and others young people.