San Venanzo Celebrates Republic Day by Empowering Youth: Constitution and Italian Flag Presented to Young Adults in Inspiring Event

On Friday 2 June 2023, at the “La Serra” Congress Center in San Venanzo (TR), the meeting took place, on the occasion of the Republic Day, in which a copy of the Constitution and the Italian flag were delivered to the girls and boys residing in the Municipality who have reached or will reach the age of majority in this year.

The event strongly desired by the San Venanzo City Council, led by the Mayor Marsilio Marinelli, was opened by the performance of the musical band which cheered those present with the execution of the Italian anthem. Doctor Claudia Matteini, President of the Civil Section of the Court of Appeal of Perugia, representatives of the local Proloco, ANPI, the Travelogue APS association and many citizens interested in the event were present, including in particular young people residing in San Venanzo who have completed or will complete the age of majority in 2023.

For the occasion, the Erasmus+ project “UxST — United for Social Transformation” was also presented again, of which the Municipality of San Venanzo is a partner for Italy. Particularly among young people there was interest in the free online training course and the possibility of going to Malaga to continue training on the project topics, in the month of September.