Getting ready for the Training Course in Málaga

Upon the conclusion of the Online Training Course, partner organizations are tasked with choosing three participants who have successfully completed the OTC to partake in the in-person Training Course of the project. Scheduled to occur in Malaga, Spain, from the 11th to the 14th of September, this course will be hosted and facilitated by the project coordinator, Iniciativa Internacional Joven, in collaboration with INCIDE.

The primary objectives of this Training Course are as follows:

  • To improve young people’s key competence, in particular digital competence, in order to contribute to their active participation in society;
  • To provide young participants with tools to search for information and use reliable, verified and free content on the web;
  • To promote youth empowerment and participation through the creation of digital videos;
  • To validate the competences acquired and/or improved by the participants during the OTC.

Stay tuned and follow this journey!