Online Training Course: Face-to-face Evaluation — Italy

On July, 13th 2023 at the headquarter of TRAVELOGUE APS in Marsciano, Italy, two members of the Comune di San Venanzo who are following the implementation of the project United for Social Transformation, have met both in presence both online some of the participants of the Online Training Course created by the partnership of this project to enhance young people competences on 4 topics:

  • Self-Knowledge and Emotional Intelligence
  • Sense of Initiative Entrepreneurship and Creative Thinking
  • Green Life and Sustainability
  • Critical Thinking and Active Participation

The meeting was attended by 7 women including 2 staff members and 5 participants including 3 workers, 2 students and workers at the same time.

During the meeting, the participants expressed a very positive evaluation of the contents provided through the course and of the weekly in-depth webinars held by the various partner organizations on the topics pertaining to them. Furthermore, the occasion was also useful for having information on the future steps of the project, in particular about the transnational project training in Malaga, Spain and the upcoming video contest and on the Erasmus+ Programme in general.